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Hear Bill Starkey Speak at WNP Conference

Someone hooked me up with this great YouTube video of a conference for WeNetProfits. Bill Starkey comes on at the end at 6:39. I wish it contained his full presentation, but the video still allows you to hear for yourself just how impressive Bill Starkey is, and it hints at the power of WowWe, especially as a tool for MLM organizations.


Nice Piece on Starkey and WowWe

WeNetProfits calls WowWe “totally awesome.”

It’s Official: WowWe to Launch this Summer

Below is the press release I just received from WowWe:

Contact: Casey Minshew                                                                                 June 14, 2010
281-973-2500;                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

WowWe’s Cutting-edge Video Marketing Tools Help Usher in the Internet Video Era
The company’s three-year development process is nearly complete; summer launch planned

The Woodlands, Texas —  WowWe CEO Dr. Bill Starkey has perfectly timed the release of WowWe’s revolutionary suite of Internet video communication tools to coincide with the growing buzz around Web video generated by Apple’s newest iPhone.

Internet and email video is the future of business communication. But few companies can utilize video, held at bay by the lack of viable tools. People can send text at the click of a button, but have to rely on expensive consultants to produce high-quality videos, and then find it nearly impossible to integrate those videos onto their Web sites and into their email marketing. Existing tools such as WebEx, GoToMeeting and Skype have gotten a lot of hype, but none of them can match WowWe on usability, flexibility and affordability.

WowWe’s scheduled July launch will close the gap between the buzz and the reality. Dr. Starkey and a team that includes Jake Stevenson, who developed the award-winning PocketTwit Twitter client for the Windows Mobile platform, and Eric Chen, co-inventor of Apple’s QuickTime VR, began developing the WowWe interface in 2007, well before the Internet video hype.

The technology that has resulted is, in a word, spectacular. Consider that WowWe:

  • Brings Web conferencing, the power of video-enhanced emails, “go to meeting” capability and a host of other functions together in one platform for the first time.
  • Makes creating spectacular Web videos incredibly simple.
  • Is fully customizable, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your brand into all your WowWe communications.
  • Runs flawlessly on a desktop, laptop, iPhone, Android and all other smart phones.
  • Is ISP certified and connected to a super-fast, super-secure datacenter that offers unparalleled security and guaranteed access to millions of email inboxes.
  • Is priced affordably for individual, small business and corporate users.
  • Has the perfect solution for direct sales and MLM organizations, allowing companies to add an unlimited number of users, and to pass on that cost to the users themselves.

“We’re really proud of what we have created with WowWe,” says Dr. Starkey, who has more than 30 years experience as a successful entrepreneur and business leader. “Companies such as WebEx and Skype have struggled to develop just one of the features WowWe offers. WowWe will win any comparison to those products, even in their own categories. The fact that we can bring such a diversity of high-quality tools together on a single platform for such an affordable price will make us the clear choice in the exploding Internet video market.”

Looking at the Get Response “2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey,” you can see why Dr. Starkey is so excited. When asked if they used video email in 2009, only 15.7 percent of respondents said they had, yet more than 80 percent of respondents said they wanted to use video email this year.

With WowWe, they’ll get their chance.

To learn more about WowWe, or to request an interview with Dr. Starkey, please contact Casey Minshew at 512-731-7723.

Chen and Stevenson Part of WowWe Team

This is incredible: Jake Stevenson, the guy who built the award-winning PocketTwit Twitter Client for the Windows Mobile platform, and Eric Chen, co-inventor of Apple’s QuickTime VR, are both members of Bill Starkey’s WowWe team.

That gives me great hope that the product will be easy to use across all platforms, including the iPhone and Android. These guys are great programmers!

Starkey Brings Tremendous Experience to WowWe

I’m getting more and more excited about the upcoming launch of WowWe, a video email and video conferencing service that seems like the answer to an audience builder’s prayer.

I’ve discovered that the man behind WowWe is Bill Starkey, a very successful businessman. I actually had a friend who worked for Starkey once and said it was a great experience, praising Starkey for his insight, passion, and ethical bearing. Starkey also has track record of success in software development, having developed many widely used applications for the Real Estate industry.

I plan on researching who else is on the Starkey team and will report back on this blog.

The Rumor: Good Video Email Service Coming Soon

I’ve been looking for a decent platform from which to send video e-mails, something that allows me to easily email large groups of people and use snazzy templates, but that, unlike Constant Contact, makes creating and embedding email a cinch.

A friend of mine just told me about WowWe, a new fully integrated video email and video conferencing platform that sounds like it is just the thing I need to grow my business.

I’ll look into it more and report back on whether I think it would also work for your audience development needs.

Exploring Best Practices in How to Reach People

In today’s fragmented media environment, attracting and holding an audience is more challenging than at any time in history.

Yet we have so many amazing new tools to with which to reach people — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, viral marketing, guerrilla marketing.

The demise of traditional mass media has led to a plethora of new marketing and communication tools.

But which ones to use?

This blog is a place to explore that question and the larger challenge of communicating your message to a mass audience.