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Hear Bill Starkey Speak at WNP Conference

Someone hooked me up with this great YouTube video of a conference for WeNetProfits. Bill Starkey comes on at the end at 6:39. I wish it contained his full presentation, but the video still allows you to hear for yourself just how impressive Bill Starkey is, and it hints at the power of WowWe, especially as a tool for MLM organizations.


Starkey Brings Tremendous Experience to WowWe

I’m getting more and more excited about the upcoming launch of WowWe, a video email and video conferencing service that seems like the answer to an audience builder’s prayer.

I’ve discovered that the man behind WowWe is Bill Starkey, a very successful businessman. I actually had a friend who worked for Starkey once and said it was a great experience, praising Starkey for his insight, passion, and ethical bearing. Starkey also has track record of success in software development, having developed many widely used applications for the Real Estate industry.

I plan on researching who else is on the Starkey team and will report back on this blog.